Razzino Outdoor Furniture Adelaide - About us

Razzino Outdoor Furniture is a family owned and operated business, specialising in Outdoor Furniture based in Adelaide, South Australia. 

We have been operating for over 10 years now!

We design and sell custom outdoor furniture in our Adelaide showroom, providing lower than retail pricing. We do not believe in the traditional retail model, with expensive showrooms and constant ‘sales and marketing tactics’. We are not sales people or retailers. We are here to provide a platform to access quality furniture with honest and transparent information at a fair price for all.

Our products are made from high quality materials and sold at a lower price. We do not cut corners to increase margins like tradition retail stores and large furniture chains. Razzino Outdoor Furniture products are custom full sizing with no flat packs and miniature settings. We spend more on production and shipping space to achieve what is required to create furniture that ticks all the boxes.

Our margins are much smaller, but this is what is required to set us apart and build a solid reputation we can be proud of.

The most common feedback we receive from customers when they shop in store, is what a relief it is to finally cut through all the nonsense they have just experienced at every other store before coming to us. We are the last stop for customers who have seen the same average quality settings over and over again with high price tags and marketing spin elsewhere.

We do not believe in gimmicks such as inflated pricing and false “SALES”, but rather “EVERY DAY LOW PRICES”.  Our pricing is set at a base price with no built in ‘room to move’. Everyone gets a deal at the lowest price all year round.

We have combined our years of experience in business, retail and design to achieve what Razzino Outdoor Furniture has become today. We are growing a strong reputation across in Adelaide and Australia as the alternative to expensive brand name outdoor furniture stores. Razzino Outdoor Furniture provide the same high quality materials, without the costly price tag. We are known as ‘the best kept secret’ in Adelaide due to relying strongly on word of mouth and happy customers recommendations. Above all Razzino Outdoor Furniture are a family business and pride themselves on welcoming everyone who comes to visit and assisting with any and all questions. This extends to our after sales service where we always insist that we are only ever a phone call away (08 7226 8018) if you need any assistance at all.

To all our customers purchasing online in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney & across Australia you may take comfort in knowing we are a real business with real products on display at our warehouse with a showroom in Adelaide. Although you may not be able to view them in person we can assist you with any pre purchase questions by phone or email. We have a very large following on Facebook with real customers to further assure your purchase and quality of product. For all our local customers you are welcome to come see, touch and test out our furniture in person by visiting our warehouse / showroom located at: 49-51 Ashwin Pde, TORRENSVILLE - Adelaide SA - corner site - loading via Stephens Ave.

Welcome to Razzino Outdoor Furniture & happy shopping!